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About Us

Kumbhmela.co.in is synonymous to luxury village camping, a brain child of the professionals in the hospitality industry with combined experience of over 40 years, have been catering guests from more than 15 countries including the likes of USA, UK, Canada, Australia, S.Africa, Singapore etc.

We have been part of Kumbh mela activities since 1989, and in the business of luxury camping services for the last 20 years for establishing luxury camps at various locations like Ujjain, Nashik, Haridwar & Allahabad during Purna Kumbh, Ardh kumbh & Maha kumbh event. 

We are specializing in to not only hosting your stay, which most camping sites does but take you to the core of the whole event where you feel oneness with the event, its activities as you are part of the atmosphere, the rituals, the Akharas (Marching towards Sangam with holy gurus), the spiritual gathering, the bathing, and the auspicious timings of the event. 

It is our experience as well as services that matter the most to us, resulting in to our repeat customers in the range of more than 50 % during the 05 major kumbh mela & Ardh Kumbh Mela that we have organized so far at all four locations as per the details given below.

Year Location Type of Event No of foreign Guests operated by us 

2001 Allahabad/Prayag Purna Kumbha 200 Plus 

2007 Allahabad/Prayag Ardha Kumbha 250 Plus 

2010 Haridwar Maha Kumbha 300 Plus 

2013 Allahabad/Prayag Purna Kumbha 350 Plus 

2016 Ujjain Purna kumbha 100 Plus 

2019 Allahabad/Prayag Ardha Kumbha 200 Plus (Expecting).

We take utmost care of your requirement while staying in our camps, personal attention is given not only from the point you enter (with smiling welcome), but also for your comfort stay, your meal choice & your spiritual quest. We also plan in advance to offer you the best possible activities during your free time to suit your interest.

Our other operating areas for luxury camping goes beyond the cultural centres, and welcomes you to the remotest part of the Himalaya during summer where you walk, hike and camps close to the nature near a snow point, or a high altitude lake or in the farthest valley. 

Our parental organization is registered with Government of India, Ministry of Tourism, IATO - Indian Association of Tour Operators, IMF - Indian Mountaineering Foundation & DATO etc since 2001. 

We welcome you, and assure to provide most memorable journeys, journeys for life time.